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The Digital Lab at CR is building consumer power in the digital economy.
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The Digital Lab rigorously tests connected products and services at Consumer Reports headquarters in New York. It also undertakes R&D projects with a diverse community of technologists, generating tools and policy solutions to increase consumer choice.
Why it matters

Everything is connected; data invisibly affects every decision. The software that runs our lives has bestowed unprecedented powers upon a small number of companies, but they don't always serve our interests.

Our work helps people choose products and services that align with their values, and increases understanding and awareness of how technology affects their lives. Our work also shapes new laws that enhance people's privacy and power.

What we do
  • Evaluate connected products and services and companies' privacy practices to inform consumers and the public.
  • Conduct original research and investigations that reveal new threats to consumers in today's digital economy.
  • Provide tools and information that enhance consumers' power in the marketplace

Our Work

The Digital Standard
The Digital Standard is a set of principles for evaluating connected products and services for how well they live up to consumers' expectations and values.

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Understanding data collection practices
We are recording and analyzing the data practices (collection, use, sharing, and control) of major technology platforms.
Consumer voice in the encryption debates
We conducted research to elevate consumer perspectives in cyber security debates where they have largely been absent.

Read our report.

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