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The Digital Lab Advisory Council acts as a steering committee for the Digital Lab. It is comprised of independent technologists, researchers, and advocates.


Craig Newmark

Founder of craigslist - Craig Newmark Philanthropies

Lorrie Cranor

Director, CyLab Security and Privacy Institute - Carnegie Mellon University

Helena Leurent

Director General - Consumers International

Kevin McGovern

Chairman and CEO - McGovern Capital

Arvind Narayanan

Associate Professor of Computer Science - Princeton CITP

Aaron Newman

Chairman and Founder - CloudCheckr

Cathy O'Neil

Data scientist - author of “Weapons of Math Destruction”

Sandy Pentland

Professor, Director of Connection Science and Human Dynamics - MIT

Latanya Sweeney

Professor of Government and Technology in Residence - Harvard University

Marta Tellado

President and CEO - Consumer Reports

Jenny Toomey

International Program Director, Technology & Society - Ford Foundation

Doron Weber

Vice President, Programs - Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Danny Weitzner

Founding Director - MIT Internet Policy Research Initiative

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